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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

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Pinterest is a popular social media tool. It lets us share your interests by uploading images and pinning them. Its wider reach is a great advantage for marketers. It can be leveraged smartly to market your SME or blogs. It is a great visual marketing tool. The images speak a thousand words. And Pinterest with its image sharing platform reaches a million hearts. It boosts creativity and adds excitement. Here are some strategic tips on how to boost your brand with using Pinterest for Marketing.

Reap the Pinterest traffic

Pinterest with its visual sharing platform has a rich internet traffic flowing through it. This means more visitors visiting your web site or your product when you advertise on Pinterest. Your content is engaged more than before. Your content receives a visual representation to the visitors on the internet. Highlight your brand logo to increase its value. Create blog boards to draw traffic to your brand.

Use SEO keywords

The brand presence in the internet is all about getting listed in the search. Pinterest uses sophisticated search capabilities. Use them to your advantage in enabling your brand reach. You can use SEO based terms and keywords to help your product listed quicker and bolder way.  Pinterest helps you land on the brand market you created with its boards and referral pins.

Optimise the visual space

Pinterest is all about visualization. You need to create images that maximises its potential. Create brand images that say the most out of a given space. Layouts need to be defined and customized with test and logo images. They have to be designed to take up the maximum space. Use images that are common and are pinned by various others. This enables your brand to be pinned easily and quickly. This increases the brand reach to the Pinterest visitors.

Use Pinterest Widgets

Pinterest provides widgets such as Pin It to add to your web sites and blogs. This is more useful to pin your articles by visitors. Provide your site visitors to pin your product quickly using these widgets. It is easier to embed these pins in your site. The widgets enable your brand to be merchandised. You can also share your pins or tweet them on twitter with fly links. Add your company’s blog or social websites with Pin It buttons. Prepare newsletters with Pins in it for the readers. Make the news letters clickable so readers can pin your article. This increases your brand presence.

Take advantage of Pinterest messaging

Pinterest offers an interesting feature called messaging. This helps you to connect with like- minded audiences. This helps you to establish direct communication. This enabled referrals and reach for your product. You can connect with engaged pinners. They help spread your brand by establishing more connections. The messaging helps you to engage your customers directly. This provides a great platform for collaboration for your product ideas. You can create group conversations and involve your audiences. The key to brand value is engagement. Use Pinterest messaging feature to spread your brand to a wider reach.




Use business analytics

Use Pinterest to analyse the information on the internet. You can analyse the most popular or trending ones. Align your portfolio to the category as per the Pinterest analytics. Re-share the pins and circulate them on social platform. Kindle an interest on your company or brand by triggering some interaction. The business analytics of Pinterest images is of great importance.

Monitor competitor pins

While you intend to increase your brand reach, tracking competition is of great value. Pinterest images help you monitor your competition. The people who pin on your competitor images are most likely to pin your images too. Target those audiences by tracking your competitor pins. Add necessary widgets in your side. Flash your pins alongside competitor’s pins.

Use group boards

Group boards are a niche way to do digital marketing. You can create group boards on Pinterest and publish your brand news across the boards. You gain authority to the content with these boards. Use tips to navigate the pinners in the board. Inculcate an interest by creating a series of pins as a short story line. Make the pinner glued to the boards. This enables the pinners to revisit and look forward to your company announcements.

Use coupons and rich pins

Coupons and discount are the buzz words to attract people to sell your brand. Use Pinterest to announce your coupons or deals to the wide audience. Pin images of your exciting deals, offers, prizes and combos to attract customers. A great offer will get you more number of pins and re-pins. This also enables pins through referrals.

A major feature that Pinterest provides is the rich pins. Add a great level of detail with these rich pins. Update price, availability and reviews using these pins. Use different types of rich pins to organize them categorically. This also makes the pins more mobile friendly. This helps reach out to maximum business users.