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Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
Albert Einstein


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bad-boss-4001Managing a development team is the greatest job ever!

Just imagine getting up in the morning, having your coffee, checking your emails and agenda and thinking what you will have to do that day. You get dressed and go outside. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, birds are singing. You get in the car and drive to the office. What a day! Even the traffic looks friendly today; no one is swearing, yelling or using the car horn as if it would be an extension of their hand. Everything is perfect! You get to the office and then…development team happens!

Every each of them has something to ask you, and you answer because that is your job. Then they ask again cause they did not really understood the first time, even if they said they did. You answer again because you are the boss and you have to help them do their job the best. This time they get it! Thank God!

You get to your own things. Clients asking many questions, updates, overdue projects, bills and payrolls to pay; insignificant things like these. What to do? Talk to the development team, and see where the projects are exactly, and when will they finish their tasks. You will not believe it but in a matter of minutes your blood goes up and you find yourself yelling. Wow! No way! A manager NEVER yells! (If anyone has anything to say about it, let him know that that is just the way you talk; a bit louder than everyone else is).

You take a deep breath and start remembering in a matter of seconds all the rules (that are not made to be broken):

  1. You lead they follow. If you do not go the right way, they will not either! You are the example here! (even if you’re a noisy example right now)
  2. Do not panic! Try to find the solution together!
  3. It’s  a proved fact that most people understand the issue if one talks to them using a calm tone of voice(unless his deaf)
  4. Let them talk too! Sometimes they might have a point!
  5. Scold them, but not until they resign, just until they understand where the problem was!
  6. You are not always right!

Back to reality! You look at them; they look at you! Puppy eyes all over the place! You start talking to them the calm way. They explain you listen. You are starting to discuss the problems. You find solutions.

Yes, you’ll definitely make it TOGETHER!