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Prestashop Quick Checkout is Almost Here

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Prestashop Quick CheckoutFor us, 2014 starts with this: Proud to present our new star product! Register to Get notified when it is released:

PrestaShop Quick Checkout is literally a one-page checkout for PrestaShop users. When I say users, I am not talking only about online shop owners, but also about every online customer that want to purchase something online, from a PrestaShop site.

No matter how great the sales and offers you have, a delayed checkout may lead a client to find another place to shop. Customers appreciate businesses that offer great service and fast checkouts, and usually reward them with return visits. Sometimes they even refer others to your site.

The online shopping goes this way: a client places an item in the cart. If the checkout process is too long and complicated, he/she just might go to another online store that offers the same product. So there you have cart abandonment! Even if they manage to finish the checkout and buy what you sell, they might not come back to you the next time, because the checkout process actually caused them headaches.

Then again, you have the undecided type of client: wants to buy a product that you have, but he is not that sure. With a long and complicated checkout page, you are just giving him time to change his mind about purchasing your product. There you have another lost sale!

PrestaShop Quick Checkout keeps it simple! The online shopping is like this with our module: client goes on the site, adds a product in the cart, and goes to checkout and in a matter of moments you have a generated sale! Yes, it is as simple as it sounds! What comes after? Client’s satisfaction grows and this will make him come back to your site because he knows you keep it simple. This way you are keeping your clients close and your sales high!

Let’s talk about you now, the site owner. You don’t need to lose time with complicated ways to make your site more user-friendly. You need no complicated installations and setups, especially if you are not such a techie person. We do it all for you. We get the fact that you need your business to run as fast and as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we made the module easy to install and simple to use. PrestaShop Quick Checkout uses facilitates sites built with a responsive designs making the shopping experience easier and reducing work from site admin.  The module has an easy way to customize the checkout page with any number of fields or colors you might want. In addition, QC supports all PrestaShop payment gateways and so it fits every user no matter what the need may be.

Here are some other features you’ll find for our module: set default payment method, set default address value, set login position, auto Fill City, country & Zip via Geo IP, shipping rate auto update and MANY MORE.

We’ll try to help you even more. We are also launching our affiliate program in order for you to increase your income. Just affiliate with us to see the results.

Customer service after sales is very important for us. Even if PrestaShop Quick Checkout is very easy to install and configure, our team will be there to help you with any issues you might find along the way.

As soon as you purchase PrestaShop Quick Checkout you will see the results we are talking about!

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