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Role Of Effective Landing Pages

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Landing pages are separate web pages created for the specific purpose of encouraging visitors to sign up for something, download something, register for something and pretty much be able to take any action that would lead them to be your paying customers in no time.

landing-pageSo you’ve got your marketing all set. Search ads, Facebook page, well-organized content, busy traffic – all check? (Sheer idealism, I know, but let’s just go with it!) Still, you’re not seeing any lucrative sign ups or prospects; should you throw in the towel? Not just yet. Ask yourself what people do AFTER they’ve gone through your ads. If you don’t have a good landing page it’s like going fishing without a net – you may land a big one but how to reel it into your boat?

To create effective landing pages you must write an awesome headline that promotes your offer value as well as explains why the offer is valuable and better than others in clear and concise terms.

  • ABC

The mantra of your landing page should be summed up as ABC- Always Be Closing. And the way to accomplish ABC is by focusing on your Call To Action. The Call To Action (CTA) denotes what you want your site visitors to do: Shop Now. Sign Up. Contact Us. These will move people further along the line, by asking them – clearly and encouragingly – to Engage.

  • Focus on the CTA

Must you have this toolbar here and that hyperlink there? Excess information drives the visitors away. Less of it fails to enlighten and thus attract them to act. Thus, stick to the point. Simply explain what the offers are and how the people benefit from it. Use bolded, highlighted and colorful texts and bullet points to make it all clear and summarized. Navigation links and social media buttons are discouraged.

  • Examples matter

From answer sheets to landing pages info always feels incomplete without examples and that means images. Show the people what they’re buying into and have been missing out on. Be strategic in your use of images and other pictorial representation of info (block diagrams, flow charts, etc.). Images can always speak a thousand words and can often turn out to be the ace up your sleeve.

  • Keep it short

Too much is usually too bad. You understandably want to collect as much contact and personal information from your visitors but asking too many questions tends to intimidate them away. Likewise providing too much information might just prop up a dislike and scare away some potential moneybags.

  • Show off

What if someone backs off thinking he/she is the first one to sign up with you? Show them that the guy next door is buying too and simply watch them follow suit! As social creatures, we tend to place greater value on pre-approved stuff. Make sure your landing page has press mentions, testimonials, customer reviews etc.

Thus your offers may be stellar and your ads optimized pieces of perfection but with a good landing page, your business is bound to flourish.