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The Google June 2019 Core Update

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The Google June 2019 Core Update

In order to roll out the June 2019 core update, Google took 5 days and in order to diversify the updates, it took about 3 days. The rolling out process started on June 3 and finished on June 8 of this year. This information was confirmed by Google employee Danny Suvilian.

The process of rolling generally takes this much time due to the reason that it has various data services and servers all around the world, and it takes time to update all these data services and servers as well. Thus, the span of 5 days for this massive scale roll-out process is not long enough. There have been incidents in the past when these updates have taken a few weeks of time to get completed. Thus, comparatively, it was quicker this time.

The June 2019 core update did overlap with diversity update because the diversity update was initiated on June 4 and finished on June 8.

There is a very important point to note- The Google headquarters does not release the information on how large the impact of these updates is like. Their work is only to announce these core updates as they are massive and noticeable as well. Also, this time the field of domains that were affected by the core update process are more and wider as compared to the previous updates initiated by Google.

Some major changes and advancements enabled due to June 2019 rollout is as follows:

  1. The processing of noindex and other related directives in robots.txt file was changed by Google.
  2. It also submitted robots.txt file as a real web standard.
  3. Google also opened sourced Googlebot parser so that it is accessible to other users.
  4. One of the major changes initiated by Google via this core update is that it stopped supporting and assisting social profile markup for knowledge panels.
  5. Google also announced to crack down on leased sub-domains on third party sites.
  6. Google Search Console dropped the preferred domain setting this month and with that, it got mobile-first indexing tools.
  7. Google confirmed the fact that Googlebot does not support HTTP pipelining.
  8. It still shows hidden content in Accordians and Tabs. They are featured as Snippets.
  9. Due to the latest update, now the Site migration process can take about a day or two if done correctly.
  10. The dis-allowed URLs via robot.txt does not affect crawl budget.
  11. It has officially launched the new Search Menu Bar with icons.
  12. The Google bug knowledge panel was also updated. The updated version does not have any attribution.
  13. There are speculations that Google may also drop the function of removing features from Google Search Console.

Thus, the above-mentioned points are the major changes that took place due to June 2019 core update. These changes and upgrades are supposed to increase the accessibility of Google users. Most of the people from SEO forum noticed and experienced about 25-30% changes in their traffic and were positive about this June 2019 core update. It has been fruitful for the users across the globe as well.