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The Most Important Web Design Trend of 2013

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packageThe art of making predictions is another way of setting oneself up for a fall, but I am so certain of the prediction that this article will make that I am sure that there is no chance of setting myself up for anything. The reason predictions are so difficult – particularly in the technological arena – is because things move so quickly. Fashion trends (and web design is influenced by fashion trends) are particularly fast-moving creatures. Bearing in mind the speed at which technology races past, this is a combination that causes these types of predictions to be notoriously difficult. But, without further hesitation, here is the prediction in question: broad background with limitless scrolling will be the most called for web design trend in 2013.


It will happen. It has started happening already. The article will now take some time to detail the varied reasons behind the current and predicted further success of this compelling design feature.


Broad backgrounds with limitless scrolling


Web Design Trend

A web designer who chooses to make the most of this current trend in web design aesthetics is one who chooses to make the most of the available space in which they work in. Instead of a plain background, the backing of the website is a classy and well-chosen high definition image. Another trend in web design is simplicity, and by choosing a broad background a web designer finds the perfect middle ground of designing a simple and, at the same time, aesthetically pleasing viewing experience.


A large and striking image as a background captures a visitor’s attention better than many potential features can. Many ways of attracting a person to a website can sometimes agitate the viewer – such as an involuntary and automatic audio track – but an image is one that captures the viewers attention in a way that the viewer is amenable to. Of course, this is only if the image blends in well with the design of the website, but each individual web designer will be responsible for that. It might take some planning and a wisely selected image, but many web designers have proved that it can work superbly, so there really are no excuses.


Limitless scrolling – or infinite scrolling, as it is sometimes known – is a trend that has developed hand in hand with the broad background one. It is a feature that exemplifies the image showcased in the background and better helps hold a person’s attention. Limitless scrolling causes the website to be more consistent, because the image remains fixed in one place, and consistency is a major advantage for any webpage. It is something that web designers all over the world will be striving to achieve.


Another option is limitless parallax scrolling. It has been proclaimed as the modern user-friendly way of thrusting the website at the forefront of what is fashionable. The website is continually loading as the user navigates down the page. Users are singing its praises, so one should expect a large number of websites using this technique in 2013.