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The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2016

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2015 has come to an end and this means a New Year, and possibly new things in the digital marketing word. Here is a list of 7 online marketing trends which will take the marketing to a whole new level this 2016.


(c) Google


7. Mobile Will Completely Dominate Desktop

Last year the Google updated its search engine algorithm; this latest update heavily favors mobile friendly websites and list them on the top of the search engine list. This updated algorithm even favors mobile optimized sites over the desktop web sites. While it is well known that desktop traffic won’t fade away completely, but obviously Google is expecting that mobile web traffic will dominate in 2016.


6. Online Advertising Will Become More Expensive

More and more companies are looking to adopt an online marketing strategy, and in 2016 as demand goes up prices will too.


5. Expansion of wearable technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is something that is moving past its formative years. Today majority of wearable watches and other gadgets gives access to directly use web and awfully slight control for secure use. Yet, there are few wearable devices that offer you to connect to a bigger corporate network. The companies are funding heavily on wearable devices, because these wearable devices are the future of online advertising.

 Oculus Rift, a VR device.

Oculus Rift, a VR device.

4. Virtual Reality Will Emerge

Virtual reality devices will bring forward a whole new medium of online marketing in the year 2016. There are more than a dozen of virtual reality devices that are listed to instigate very next year. While there are majority of visual devices, especially designed for applications such as video games, yet there are few designed for general public use.



3. Digital Assistants is going to lead you to a brand new optimization

With the introduction of Siri and Cortana last year, it is certain that the world is moving to a new kind of optimization – Digital Assistant. And in 2016 this is going to have a big impact. The companies have to ensure that their business info is easily available to these digital assistants.


2. Explosion of apps

These days you will find app for almost every little thing, shopping to accounting, these mobile apps are popping out every day and definitely these apps are going to play a big role in 2016.

The thing is, today majority of apps can help you in the same way as the website, and in some cases even better. No doubt a mobile optimized website does wonders when it comes to getting a higher rank on the search engines and for attracting the mobile crowd, but in 2016, it is well predicted that apps will start to replace the mobile friendly websites.

This 2016,  the companies will realize that to take the complete advantage of online visibility one has to have a dedicated application.


1. More video ads

There is nothing new when it comes to video ads, but when it comes to online marketing these video ads are definitely going to dominate 2016. From the last couple of years Facebook, Twitter and Bing have started to offer video advertising option. And above all, now even Google lists video content in its search algorithm. Undoubtedly, these video ads are now accepted by the general public and the video business is expected to grow effectively in 2016 too.

If you are thinking these are the only online marketing trends you will see this 2016, and then you are heavily mistaken. The trends listed are the ones predicted to have the major impact on the marketing, there may be MORE! So, make sure your company is ready!