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Tips for Better Facebook Lead Ads

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Tips for Better Facebook Lead Ads

With the latest development in Facebook in the form of lead ads, the wave of market and marketing had taken a sharp bend upwards. Why are they more favorable and preferred, one might ask?

In the time of lead ads that ask to fill lengthy forms and details, the lead ads that only ask for your email or log in through Facebook make the user feel more approachable. With Facebook incorporating lead ads, everyone is high and happy with the new development but make a wrong move in the right place and you are out of the equation.

Lead ads on FB are already a great promotion so make it right and a lead is a customer right away.

  1. Start with accepting Facebook’s terms and conditions. Not accepting these conditions means not being able to put up your lead ads on Facebook. Lead Ad’s terms of Service for each FB page is different and accepting them is a go for all kind of advertisers.
  2. Having your advertisement in Facebook is a bonus because many form filling details can be directly transported from Facebook if you make your sign up form right. Users like it to be quick and easy so try keeping it as short as possible. As for newsletters and subscription, only asking for email ids is enough.
  3. It was revealed that including offers tend to seek more attention from viewers and searchers than the general quotations. If the viewers benefit from the offers, they immediately become your lead. It hikes their interest and makes them convert to your site; even it is only for more information.
  4. Include text in the ads but try keeping them short. Limited text ensures that you say exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it in minimum words. What do you want to include in that precise text is also very important. Letting the viewer know about the offer isn’t enough. They need to know what to do next. Where do they go? Make sure to include a call-to-action feature. The viewer will simply pass by if they do not know what to do next to seeing something they want to look up. Add a button to be clicked or let the viewer know if they ought to click on the image or something similar.
  5. Once led to your site or the landing page, it’s a lead and you must want to keep tabs on all your leads. Talk to your website developer and see if you can have a notification every time you get a lead or every time you get a comment. Keeping in touch with the users in real time has a huge impact and makes for a good lead to customer conversion.
  6. Auto-responders are also a good way to go. One cannot always be in touch with all their customers and leads personally especially in a large scale organisers.
  7. Each lead and customer counts to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to make it so that each lead that comes in get accepted into the CRM software and the necessary response thereon from your side helps in the conversion of that lead into a customer.