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Top 9 Most Popular Websites Ranked by Alexa

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The term Alexa is a buzzword today inside the World Wide Web in the present instances. Their performance is basically determined by search rankings, which in turn influences the particular popularity in addition to the presence on the websites. Your Alexa Ranking is something that the entire world takes a look at. It is not the end, but a lower Alexa ranking is something that people wear like a badge of honor.

  1. Google


For last sixteen years, this word has become a part of our lives. Wherever we are Google connects the world with us and searches the answer for every question we ask. Google Search Engine has become the world’s biggest search engine and has become a synonym for search.

  1. Facebook


Although there were a few websites when Facebook burst onto the scene, but none got as much popularity. Reasons being its cool user interface, privacy settings and the number features offered to the users. The site has undergone various modifications in the past few years and has also been surrounded with controversial headlines. But there is no denial of the fact that in our collection of the most popular websites, Facebook has taken the least time to get this level of popularity.

  1. Wikipedia


The biggest open encyclopedia on the web; is offered in a number of languages. People from all over the globe can edit or add information anonymously or through simple free registration. A not for profit organization runs this website. Although it is a popular website, but it has also received a lot of criticism from various circles for content quality and privacy issues!

  1. YouTube


No one can deny the fact that YouTube has changed the way content is presented in all the websites. The feature of embedding the videos in the websites is one powerful tool to engage the visitors. It has also prompted the network service provider to offer high data rates to the end users.

  1. Amazon


Think of anything you want to buy through the internet and then you got to visit it never disappoints. Thousands of people shop daily through this website. With such popularity, it is bound to have some powerful features in the interface and strict security policies with regards to transactions.

  1. Yahoo



Although their search engine has gone down in rankings with the popularity of Google, but they have a number of other services that keep them amongst the top websites on the internet! Mail, News, Autos, Games, Horoscopes and Shopping are some of the services offered by Yahoo. Visit their website to explore more of them.

  1. eBay


Here is another great eCommerce website where you can buy virtually anything. There are a number of payment methods on offer and you can buy or sell from any place. Millions of dollars are being transacted every day.

  1. Bing


Microsoft and Yahoo are on the back of this search engine. After the couple of years of its launch, it has quickly gone on to take a substantial share of searches being conducted through the internet.

  1. WordPress


WordPress is a great web publishing tool that makes even novices in web programming to get a site up and running in just 5 minutes. Various powerful features and themes make it an excellent tool for maintaining an online presence. Today WordPress powers around 20% of blogs and websites.