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Why Should You Use CDN for your WordPress Blog

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We have discussed in our previous post that one of the important factors that make a good website, is the website speed. We have pointed out the fact that website visitors like websites with good loading speed and only feel frustration over the slow-loading ones. A slow loading website is likely to lose visitors over a fast-loading one. Do you now see how important a website loading speed is?

There are many ways to do that can help you make your site load faster, and in this post we will talk about CDN, something that will help you a lot in speeding up your website loading speed.


What is CDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Networks is a network of servers (usually located in various parts of the world) that cache the static content from websites such as images, videos, audio clips, css, and javascript files.

How it works?

When a user requests your site, the server closest in proximity to that user will deliver the static content. This ensures the shortest distance for the data to travel, therefore providing the fastest site experience for the user.




Why Should You Use CDN?

The number one reason for using a CDN is to improve your user’s experience in terms of speed, and as we have discussed in one of our posts, speed matters a lot. This can lead your visitors and prospect customers not to come back to your website anymore because it loads very slowly.

A CDN is best used for those websites that get visitors from different parts of the world. Just for example, if is hosted in North America, GTmetrix (free tool that analyzes your page’s speed performance) test might report fast based on the default test location. However, if a good number of users are coming from Asia, their speed will not be as fast.

CDN would allow users from Asia to download the static content from a closer source or server. CDN not only ensures faster experience to your users but it as well, prevents site crasher when the traffic on your site surges.

Another positive outcome of using CDN is the lessening of bounce rate. This simply means that when readers all over the world try to access you blog, there is a very high chance that they will be able to see your blog.  If there is a higher chance for viewers to see your blogs, that is tantamount to more page views.  Finally, if there are more page views, then your blog will be more popular due to the added hits.

Every blogger’s goal is to achieve popularity status.  With the help of CDN, it can be achieved.  Since it lessens the chances of viewers of not reaching the site and it also increases the viewing speed, then the result is increase in page views.  The increase in page views will amount to higher ranking with search engines.  When this happens, the blog will experience a very positive cycle – more page views means higher search engine ranking and higher search engine ranking means more page views.

When higher search engine ranking is achieved by a website or a blogger, then the blog will become global.  This means that anyone from any part of the world with internet access can and may view your site. What’s exciting about this is since your scope is broad; you have higher chances of not only earning more, but also inspiring more people.  If you want to achieve such status, it is better to avail of a CDN that has wider coverage.  For you to know which CDN to get, you must check the countries where you get the most hits.

Not only does the use of CDN potentially increase your chances of earning more and inspiring more, it also decreases your expenses.  When you use CDN, it makes loading faster and running the server faster too.  Due to this, you do not need to continuously upgrade your computer’s hardware for example RAM or hard drive or improving your CPU in general.  If you were to weigh spending for CDN or spending for computer parts, it is cheaper to go for the former than the latter.

In Summary

There is no negative effect in availing a CDN for your WordPress blog.  Using a CDN increases your chances of getting more views, which then increases your chances of getting higher search engine rankings, which ultimately increases your chances of owning a global WordPress account. Again, it is important to know where your hits are coming from so you can use the best CDN option for your website.  Also, know the all the potentials that a CDN may bring to your website so that you can optimize its services.  Do not only use a CDN to speed up your page.  Use it to optimize your viewer’s experience so that you may leave a mark to every viewer in the world.