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Why Should You Invest In A Unique And High Quality Business Card?

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There is a need for business card even in this modern age. It is neither just an expense nor an old way. It is still used as a formal way to share contacts. Cards have a better success rate too. They may not be the latest thing, but are still working great.


Some of the ways cards are widely used are:

  • They are shared during meetings.
  • Swapped during networking events
  • Exchanged during informal meetings and talks.
  • Included in thank you notes
  • Given along with promotional packets.

The above samples are just a few ways on how you may end up receiving a card. But receiving too many cards can be a burden too. All of them will look alike and similar. Difference in color does not attract the receivers. Low quality cards may also be disliked by the receivers. They also lower the professional look of a card.

But sometimes we all get attracted to a certain card. It stands out from the crowd. It may have a unique design, paper type or finish. The creativity of the card design may attract the receiver. Such cards are able to make an impact.

You should be able to make such admirable cards for yourself. Such cards will make you look more professional. Receivers will definitely compliment your unique and high quality idea.


Plastic cards

Plastic cards are more durable. Some advantages of using plastic cards are

  • Does not get damaged easily
  • It is water proof
  • Scratch proof
  • Flexible
  • Resists creasing when bent

Plastic cards do not stick to other things around it. They are not affected by wet tables or wet bars.

Plastic cards can also be used as membership cards and gift cards. Adding a texture to plastic cards gives a more professional look.

Silk cards

Silk cards are laminated cards that give a smooth feel. They are water resistant. They do not tear easily. They also have an attractive finish.

They can also have advanced features like Spot UV and foil printing.

  • Cold foil printing: This technique adds a metallic effect to the card. It can be used with any color. The card is made sturdy. It is made brilliant with a neat metallic finish.
  • Spot UV: This gives a glossy and matte finish to the card. You can use this method to highlight your brand name. It gives a high quality effect to your card.

Other cards

Both plastic and silk cards can be used in many types of print materials. You can use plastic or silk lamination for the following items also.

  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Door hangers
  • Table-tent
  • Invitations

Investing in a quality business card is not vain. It adds credibility to your business. It gives a professional look and feel. It elevates your branding. Your customers feel cared for when you use high quality cards.

Simplio Web Studio can create a unique design for you so you make a good first impression and stand out from the crowd. Impress your clients and peers with excellent cards and reap their compliments. REQUEST A QUOTE NOW!