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Will the Latest Google Core Ranking Algorithm Update Help My Site?

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After series of updates for Panda Algorithm, Google confirmed an update of their core ranking algorithm earlier this year.  And just a few weeks ago, webmasters were seeing changes in rankings due to the core ranking algorithm update.

This article covers a brief update of the latest core algorithm update and whether the latest Google Core Ranking Algorithm Update help your site in improving search engine rankings.

Core Algorithm Update by Google

Google has updated its core Algorithm on January 12th this year and website owners have already started experiencing the change in their website rankings. Initially there was confusion whether it is due to a new Panda Update or due to the change in the Core Ranking Algorithm Updates.

But after Google confirmed the modifications in their Core Algorithm Updates and addition of Panda in calculating their Core Algorithm, the confusion got cleared. Webmasters who were waiting for the latest update of Panda were first in confusion that there was a Panda Update which was expected this month.

Later after Google confirmed its core Algorithm update and addition of Panda to its rankings, webmasters now understand the importance of Panda getting into the core Algorithm updates.

Impact of Panda merger with Core Algorithm  

With Panda getting into as part of Core Algorithm, Webmasters are confused on the impact of Panda Updates on Core Algorithm. Generally Panda was regularly updated by Google, but how these updates will impact Core Algorithm or how a Google Algorithm Update helps their website, is still confusion to webmasters.

Google generally don’t disclose any changes to their Core Algorithm update, but as this a major integration with Panda, this might be the reason Google has given confirmation of the update.

When asked about the Panda Updates being regular as it used to be, Google’s John Mueller shared his views that this merger will help Panda updates happening “a little bit faster, a little bit more regular”.

His words:

[I] mean it’s something where we try to look at the quality of the website and understand which ones are higher quality, which ones in general are lower quality and take that into account when ranking the site. This is essentially just a way of kind of making those updates a little [bit] faster, a little bit more regular.

How Google Algorithm Update helps your site

Webmasters now are in confusion on how this merge will impact their site rankings. Even though Google has not shared much information on the impact with this new update, it is well understood that webmasters should now be aware that Panda scores are very important for their site visibility.

According to John Mueller, Panda is not real-time and Panda scores still run on their own and have its own intervals. So Panda score will not have an impact whenever there is a new Core Algorithm update. This would give relief to the webmasters a little as Core Algorithm modification will have minimal effect on Panda scores. Get your Panda scores improved which in turn improves your website core rankings.