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10 SEO Best Practices for Your E-Commerce Website

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The programmers and designers of the e-commerce websites may think that only listing the products or services rendered by the website would do the job. Is that all you need to lure the consumers towards your e-commerce websites?


All the online shoppers out there would surely agree to the fact that it is really disappointing to find no reviews of the products sold online. How many times do we fail to interpret the product or service offered due to lack of proper description?

10 SEO best practices for e-commerce websites

Until and unless you make your e-commerce website SEO oriented and free of the critical errors, the website would not rise in the Google search engine and become popular among the consumers.

  1. Use good product description that is unique

The more furnished product description you provide to the users, the more they will prefer your e-commerce website to any other website. But most importantly the information of the product should not be duplicated. It should be original and non-plagiarized. The product description should contain keywords which would make the website search engine optimized.

  1. Include reviews of the consumers

When the reviews for any product or services are found in the e-commerce website, it becomes very convenient for the consumers to have idea about the authenticity of the products delivered or the services rendered by that particular site.

Make it a point to incorporate as many reviews of consumers in your website as you can because it clears the state of confusion in the minds of the users and helps them to take a decision to purchase.

  1. Insert long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords help to drive the maximum online traffic to your website. Put correct keywords in the content of your website so that users can view your website option in the search results just when they type it in the search engine.

  1. Make navigation more user-friendly

Co-ordinate the product pages of your e-commerce website in a very user-friendly way so that it is simple for anyone to search for any product, select any product and purchase it by proper transaction options.

  1. Boost your page load speed

You need to boost the page loading speed in your website as users tend to get pissed off if the product pages don’t get loaded within seconds.

  1. Incorporate social media on the product pages

This is a good way to increase the sale of your e-commerce website. It also acts as a marketing strategy. Incorporate social media on the product pages and loads of users would flock to your website.

  1. Put product videos and images

You can put videos and images of the products to attract a whole lot of users to your website.

  1. Use eye-catching URLs

You should use interesting, eye-catching URLs which would attract numerous users to surf through your website. URLs say a lot about the websites. So make it a point to use an intriguing URL for your e-commerce website.

  1. Make your e-commerce site accessible from smartphones

Nowadays, a huge amount of users surf through e-commerce websites from their smartphones. Making the website app available to them in their mobile phones would be very beneficial for your website.

  1. Provide proper internal search functions

Make your e-commerce site user-friendly by keeping proper internal search options that filter products as per the user’s need and give results quickly.

By following these SEO practices for your e-commerce website, you can make it big.