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5 Mobile Commerce Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Mobile phone sales have been one of the reasons for increased eCommerce sales in recent years and it becomes clearly essential for the eCommerce websites to provide excellent experience for the users – be it the interface or the quality, it is vital that customer experience is valued. Since there is no instruction manual for a perfect mobile website, it will turn out to be hard to figure out what could be done and what not.

However, there are certain things which you must absolutely not do.  Below is a list of the 5 Mobile Commerce Mistakes You Should Avoid.

1) Having a complicated webpage

Never use sliders or image carousels for any of the pages of your site, be it mobile or desktop. To begin with, no one actually spends time to go further than the initial image anyway. Besides, it will only make it difficult for your page to load quickly. Though the bandwidths of mobile are pacing up, they still haven’t met par with those on the desktops. This will put the users off, affecting your sales. You could rather use a single picture of call to action.

2) Not possessing an Email Newsletter

Though this is the age of consistently flourishing new apps, Email still has the potential to give you better returns on investment than any marketing forms. Stop and think of the cost that would go into just writing an Email newsletter and sending it. Also think of the number of subscribers you possess. Easy, isn’t it?

3) Making use of QR Codes

Let’s agree to this. QR Codes are no longer cool, new or useful in anyway. Besides, they include a lot of complex steps while having to use them online. Better to strike off the QR code from your site altogether.

4) Unnecessary expenditure on an app for smartphone

Having an app for your site wouldn’t really be a bad thing. However, it isn’t vouched as a good thing to do either. If you plan to have an app for your site, ensure it has got the need which your customer would have. Make researches to ensure it will be catering to the need. Or else, you have simply spent your money in vain!

5) Using Flash

This one is quite obvious as the iPhones don’t support it. Nonetheless, mobile websites are still making use of it. It is better not to use the flash on your website at all.

6) Having same designs for Tablets as well as smartphones

Since smartphones are extensively used, your customers don’t really use them to watch videos. Besides, video requires large bandwidth which will take away a lot of data from your customers if they don’t possess a proper data plan. Tablets, however, are appropriate to watch videos, and users generally use them in homes, connected to their Wi-Fi. If you really have to make use of videos, you could make separate designs for tablet users.