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5 Tips For Generating Business Leads On LinkedIn

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Have you ever wondered if your time spent on LinkedIn is worth it? Have you ever thought that this website is helping your business?

There are still a lot of people who doesn’t know that LinkedIn is a great source of leads just like other social media sites. We’ve listed down some tips which we think can help you in generating real business leads using LinkedIn.

  1. Look at your profile viewers

LinkedIn shows all those people who looked at your profile when you log in. Each of these lookers can prove to be a potential lead for your business. Following up with everyone that looks at your profile is one of the ways to build binding relationships at LinkedIn which in turn will take your business to a higher level.

  1. Share Updates

You would have come across something titled as, ‘share an update’ which involves link to an interesting article along with a comment or enables to post a blog with the help of ‘publish the post’. Every time you post an update or publish a blog, it appears on a number of news feed along with your profile link. It will help you gain more exposure and more profile views. You never know with whom you will be acquainted with, may be a plausible client. More you publish or post, more the chances to meet with someone new.

  1. Use LinkedIn ads

Don’t be afraid of advertising. There are companies which helps businesses in advertising on LinkedIn for increasing the sales and business leads. Moreover, LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates are also worth the time. They are customized to appear in the news feed of both mobile and desktop devices. They are much better than the traditional ads as it uses soft marketing approach of images and texts.

  1. Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is another way of driving sales and increase the business leads on LinkedIn. But see to it that your direct messaging does not turn out to be spam else it will prove out to be hard on you. For proper messaging, you must have a dignified personal profile, an imperial marketing plan and then you are all prepared to send short impactful messages as a means to generate leads and maximize sales.

  1. LinkedIn Search

Many of you don’t know how to use the LinkedIn search. Don’t get upset as it’s quite easy to use and right in front of you on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has millions of users, out of which 49% of them are decision makers. Such a huge following makes it an amazing space for lead generation, but targeting every person on LinkedIn isn’t necessary. The business needs to set a specific target audience, which you can easily find through LinkedIn advanced search features. It specifies various groups and individuals according to the type of industry, relationship, location, company type and various other categories.

These are our five simple tips that can help any business in generating business leads. A social media

Follow these steps and in a month you will start to notice that you are generating more prospects and referrals from LinkedIn!