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6 Marketing Resolutions for 2016

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Trends differ with passing time and this is true in every field. Specially, marketing efforts can go stale after sometime and you might have to give your brand a facelift. The New Year would be a good time to renew your marketing strategies with some resolutions which you could really stick to. Choose as many resolutions as you wish from this list and transform your marketing this 2016.

1) Make your content strategy and content schedule

One of the important questions you need to ask yourself is if you have a purpose for producing content. This could be the key for content marketing that is highly successful. It is your content that wins the goals which are defined by your brand and you. It creates interest among people about your brand. If you are just having a blog for namesake, it’s useless. Figure out what audience you are writing for, and write content that are of high quality and define your brand really well. You must also schedule the contents aptly.

2) Have a Brand Ambassadors’ team

Many of the companies underestimate the utility of their valuable assets, the employees. They are not just familiar with the brand but also work within the brand every day. You must ensure well-being of your employees and encourage them to endorse your brand through their own means. This happens by sharing your content through them and rewarding them for their engagement.

3) Start new training initiatives

This is something similar to the one previously mentioned. Choose courses that could upgrade the skills of your starts or develop other skills as well. It does well to your business as well as your employees’ personal set of skills. This will turn your employees valuable and give them the privilege of adding new skills to their resume.

4) Go for rebranding

If there are certain things that are not going well with your money and you are losing both money and customers because of it, you might have to go for rebranding in 2016. You must know well about when you are precisely choosing to go for Rebranding. If you have changed locations or if your website doesn’t do well, you must renew the brand!

5) Make use of new channels

What if the Twitter and LinkedIn, the channels that are good for putting up B2B content not enough? There are plenty other channels through which you can have your content reach the potential audience. You could go for press releases or go with ebooks as well.

6) Vary the content’s format

There are plenty of kinds of content but many businesses make use of only the text based contents. Because text content is easy to produce. However, you could choose adding videos, pictures, infographics or even memes. When used correctly, you can make the best out of these better formats.