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Landing Page VS. Squeeze Page?

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The terms landing page and squeeze page are mostly used interchangeably. But these two are very different types of web pages. Knowing the difference will help you know which page to use for your need.

A web page can be termed as a landing page, home page, product page, sales page, squeeze page and so on depending upon its purpose. Every page has a unique property that makes it suitable for a particular purpose. Read on to know more about landing pages and squeeze pages.

Landing page

© The Landing Page Course

© The Landing Page Course

Landing page is also called as sales page. This is because the goal of landing pages is to make a sale. Hence landing pages are specifically designed to let visitors be attracted to the call to action centers. Landing pages are usually the entry point in to the website.

A visitor could reach it by various ways. Hence, any page that is first visited by a visitor can be a landing page. The information provided by landing pages is usually centered on a particular topic that made the visitor to visit the page.

Some of the characteristics of landing pages are:

  • Lengthy content.
  • Strong and emotional headlines and sub-headlines.
  • Emphasis on important terms.
  • Testimonials.
  • Guarantees.

Landing pages are used to sell a product. It may contain other elements like images and videos to demonstrate the value of the product. It is used to convince the visitors to make a purchase. Hence you need to use landing pages if you want to make a sale.

Squeeze page

© Cooltabletcomputers

© Cooltabletcomputers

Squeeze pages are similar to landing pages. But they are not used for making a sale. They are used to gather information from the visitor. These pages effectively squeeze information from the user. It usually has forms or email subscription controls to collect user information.

Some of the characteristics or squeeze pages are:

  • Short content ( between 150-450 words).
  • Atleast one strong call to action sentence.
  • Brief descriptions on the benefits
  • Absence of hyperlinks and navigation.

Pages that require you to fill a form to make a download are some of the best examples of a squeeze page. Some pages may give a brief overview of a product and require you to give you email ID to continue reading. These pages are also squeeze pages.

Squeeze pages can be used to protect content until the visitor does a require action. They are extremely helpful for email campaigns. The information collected using squeeze pages can be used for lead generation.

Squeeze page must not be overstuffed. It should be given only task, like email collection. It may also give something in return like audio downloads or eBooks when a visitor submits information. This strategy helps in enticing the visitors.

These pages can also make use of Search engine optimization and keywords. They can also include color psychology and catchy phrases.

Most of the times, squeeze pages also act as landing pages. But not all landing pages are squeeze pages. Use landing pages to sell an item. Use squeeze pages to collect information.