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What Makes a Good Squeeze Page

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A squeeze page is called by many names. Landing page, leading page, lead capture page, opt-in page are some of its popular aliases. Though this bunch of names may represent a slight variation, their goal is same. It is to capture email addresses and build you a customer list. A squeeze page is the web page that is particularly designed to capture the user’s email address. But users are not going to give their emails very easily. Only good squeeze pages get good opt-in rates. And by good, I mean good content, good offerings and a good design. Here are some characteristics of a good squeeze page.

  1. Captivating headline

The headline is an above the fold content for your squeeze page. It gives a quick impression on your service and lets users stay on the page. It is the first thing users see on your page. It has to be enticing and relevant. A good headline is short, captivating and easy to understand. It triggers the right emotional response from the user.

  1. An awesome free offer

Nothing is free in this world. If you want an email list, you have got to offer something. And this offering has to be of some value to the user. If it is a video, it should be unavailable anywhere but your site. It should also download quickly. What you are offering should be unique and easily accessible.

Email courses are one of the best types of offerings you can give. These essentially require email addresses. They also let you deliver content in small, digestible chunks on a regular basis. It helps you maintain a good customer base. The offer should match the medium.

  1. Effective design

Your squeeze page should be designed for your target audience. This gives you high conversion rates. Pictures, graphics and other visual content help paint a great squeeze page. Use of color psychology and the right expression makes it even better. Avoid clutter and make it a good looking simple design.

  1. An obvious form and submit button

A squeeze must have a sign up form. A good squeeze page has a form that is easy to complete and has less friction. The optimum number of fields in the form is one. You only need one field to capture the email address. Even name fields are usually not necessary. Do not add more fields unless it is compulsory.

The submit button is the most important area in a squeeze page. It is the call to action center. The main purpose of the squeeze page is to guide the user into clicking this button. Hence avoid using the word ‘submit’ on the button. A good squeeze page will instead have an enticing caption like ‘start the course’ or ‘get free access’. Give the button a strong visual presence. Use the right colors and place it appropriately.

  1. Below the fold content

Your content should support the purpose of the page. Relevant content like testimonials, statistics and bulleted information can make sign up for your services. Avoid distracting content. Focus on the needs of your target audience.