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Native Apps vs. Web Apps

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native_apps_vs_web_appsLet us analyse the differences between a native application and a mobile web application.

Similar in the name appearance, these are two very different things.

Let’s start by talking about native applications. A native application is what you would find in an application store. Native apps are extremely solid and powerful, and they allow you to have a stronger and more engaging interaction with the potential application user, the person downloading your application.

So now, let us talk now about mobile web apps. They are commonly referred as html or mobile websites. Mobile web apps are a great addition to your mobile presence, but they are not a good end for everything. Mobile web apps are essentially web pages just like you can see them on your computer, yet they are smaller and less functional, so that it can be easily used on a mobile phone.

If we were to compare them two, web app is just a good appetizer for the native app that can be a perfect dinner.

So let us recap, why use native apps? Because they are easier to download for people, you can simply build a long lasting relationship. Mobile web apps are a great addition to native web apps, yet not good stand-alone solutions.

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