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The 10 Commandments of Landing Pages

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The leads that your website generates are only as good as your website. A landing page is important for lead generation.  Luckily designing a landing page is not as time consuming and overwhelming as you think it is. Go through a list of the best lead converting websites, you will see and learn as to what works, and the important question – why it works?  There are a few steps that you can follow which can boost your lead generation using your landing pages, furthermore it will increase your website trust authority and factor.


  1. Your website should include a contact number

It might seem counterintuitive, adding a contact number to your online site. But a simple number can directly increase the clients’ trust and leads credibility to your offer. No matter customers call you or not, the mere existence of a number brings them some comfort.

  1. Have Forms on every page of your website

People today are more likely to convert into leads, if they have an easy access to the genuine lead generation form. Having a form at each page most likely increases the amount of viable leads. Make sure the form is easy to fill and should ask for least information possible.


  1. Add photos and testimonials

Testimonials are termed as a powerful tool for marketing, but including photos or video can take your site a step further. Solid testimonials along with rich media can have an influential impact and lend boost to your offer.

  1. Let the video speak to the customers

Including a video simply links the online and off-line market and trade, as well as significantly increases conversion rates. Adding video to a site has turned out to be successful for a wide range of industries — especially for an e-commerce website.


  1. When describing an offer make use of power words

Powerful verbs, for instance “feel”, “have” and “get” are sturdy compellers. Using power oriented expressions in your offer puts the purchaser in a pivotal role as the one gaining the benefits as opposed to merely picturing them.

  1. Make sure you avoid “Cookie-Cutter” website patterns

Few things are important and should be kept in mind when it comes to valuable lead generation make sure you keep a distance from any cookie cutter “all the work is done for you” website patterns.

  1. Try to use the whitespace in the best possible way

Whitespace no doubt can have a great impact on your website – good as well as bad. Rather than ruthlessly filling up every white area on a site page, try to give your website content, photos and other stuff some room for breathing.

  1. Make sure you don’t steal

Try not to waste or steal the visitor’s time, attention, and bandwidth, but try to educate, inform, and persuade simply after having consent and permission.


  1. Be Honest

Your website should always converse the truth about your product, offer, guarantee, and competitors. Make sure you don’t bear any false witness in any event as today having integrity is worth more than gold.

  1. Test, Test, Test

All the above tips are just useless if you haven’t tested them for yourself and list out things that works for your commerce.

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