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Why B2B Marketers Must Embrace Mobile Marketing Tactics?

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It is a well evident fact that the mobiles have successfully overpowered the use of laptops and personal computers. Moreover, when it comes to online marketing mobiles undoubtedly play a very crucial role. Here, it will not be unjust to mention that the B2B marketers too should adopt the concept of Mobile Marketing and the prominent reasons for it have been discussed below:

  • Postulate marketing metrics are largely influenced by the use of Mobile

In an era where mobiles have become a vital part of life, not opting for a mobile friendly site or choosing the one which offers less optimized mobile experience is certainly a bad deal. Therefore, the B2B marketers too must understand that a mobile approachable site without a doubt generates more traffic, leads to better bounce rate, organic ranking,  and also proffer greater visibility.

  • Mobile friendly sites leads to fueled customer engagement

The above notion can be easily justified by the following statistics – A large portion of users got upset upon encountering that the site is not mobile friendly, out of which about 52% people decided not to indulge in business terms with the respective website. Therefore, a site which supports mobile marketing can successfully yield more sales, revenue to your business.

  • A large number of B2B decision makers are using Mobile devices

While business buyers incline towards the use of the internet for research and selection process, a large number of decision makers too are embracing the use of mobile devices. Thus we can say that the B2B mobile usage is gradually gaining a prominent role in the entire buy cycle.

A recent survey conducted by Google in partnership with Millward Brown Digital on about 3000 B2B decision makers in regard to their research and selection process indicated that about 42% people make use of mobile phones throughout the B2B purchasing process whereas the mobile queries too have shown a dramatic growth.

Tips to have a Mobile friendly site – Just 2 simple steps to follow!

  • Work on your Mobile Page Speed

For this, you may also need to optimize images, sanction compression, minify CSS etc.

  • Mobile Design Best Practices

Regulating the font sizes, viewport and avoid incorporating plugins.

These two steps account to be the most effective way to initiate or improve your mobile experience when it comes to business.

Mobile, your Competitive Advantage: The Bottom Line

Mobile marketing undoubtedly provides an edge to your business and contributes to the overall success of it. Not only this, it enables the business to generate more and more targeted traffic to its website and enhances visibility too. By rendering a comfortable experience to the customers, the respective business ends up generating more sales and new avenues too.