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“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

Albert Einstein

SEO Facts That You Need to Know

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Before we begin, it is important to know what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it works. SEO is a process which is involved in enhancing the opportunities for your content to be viewed by people when they use search engines. When you run a search on Google engine, you will get to see both organic listings as well as paid advertising on the result pages of your search. We talk about facts related to enhancing the visibility of organic listings on these search engines.

Fact 1 Content is King!

Content is basically a text, images and videos or even sound. Content is the element which is indexed by all search engines. The whole web is constructed around content. When people state that content is the king, it is only implied that content rules the online world and also the SEO. Google adores content. Google has always succeeded in being a reliable source for appropriate as well as relevant content. Because they know the importance of it!

Fact 2 Page layout is vital

While you generate your content according to the rules of Google, it will generally increase the chances of you being found. Keywords that are engaging are the most effective part of content. Even the page layout as per recommendations of Google is going to be helpful. Google has very particular guidelines about the page layout of your content and following them will enhance the possibilities of you being seen.

Fact 3 Link profiles do matter

A major portion of search algorithm of Google is dependent on reviews of Google on how online contents and websites link to each other. The effectiveness due to such linking is based on quality and quantity of links. If Google sees the links to your website as an authentic link and a relevant one, it is really good.

Fact 4 Online performances are important

All important search engines and specially Google involve in monitoring the performance of your website pertaining to your visibility on search engines. Hence, your site must load quickly. The quality of your host web server will play a significant role here. Even the quality, with which your website is coded, also helps. Even optimization of pictures plays a prominent role. Hence you need to be paying more attention towards aspects like these.

Fact 5 Social media matters

Search engines keep track of your activities on social media to determine what sort of online content is relevant, vital and appropriate to serve as a result of the search made. Hence, your active participation on social media is important as well.

Fact 6 You are only halfway done with content

If you have created content, you have really worked well on optimizing your page but it is just a good start. You will have more work to do. You need to be promoting your content through Twitter, Facebook, Google + and a lot of other online platforms to ensure your content reaches a wide range of audiences.

How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

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how much does

How much does local SEO cost? A lot of people live under the misconception that SEO traffic is free. You pay nothing and yet you get a good footfall. But is it really possible? Is it possible to invest absolutely no time or money for your website SEO and yet generate a good amount of traffic? The answer is no, obviously. You might have built a very good and impressive website, but that does not assure you good traffic or you do not rank high in Google search. So, you have to spend a few bucks to get good traffic.

The next question is, what are the factors affecting SEO costs?

  • Competition

Competition goes hand in hand with local SEO costing. The higher the competition, the greater will be your local SEO costs. So if you have enough names competing against you in the same industry, then you will need to work harder and put in a lot more effort in making your website stand out. The main point to note here is the fact that you need to outrun the others in the field of work and you are set. You just need to be better than everyone else. One of the best solutions here is that you can review websites that rank high in Google keywords.

  • Multiple office locations

This is yet another factor that determines the amount that you could be spending for the local SEO of your website. The idea behind it is very simple. If you have more listings under the same name, or different locations for your office, it only means you would be spending more for each of those put together, as compared to a single office setup. This is because for each of the locations, the citations increase.

  • Multiple products or services

It is quite natural that when you use more products or services, you would need more keywords to target each of those. This directly leads to a higher local SEO costing. This is even more pronounced when you tend to build separate web pages for each of those products or services. Also, keep in mind the fact that each product comes with a set of competition; so that again takes us back to the first factor we discussed.

Keeping in mind all of these factors, the local SEO costing might vary. For an industry that is not very competitive and if you are advertising one product from one particular location, your monthly expenditures could be around $500 to $1000. This number could go up to $2000 for more competitive industries, or targeting multiple products or services. For automated local SEO services, the whole management depends on citations where you have to submit information for an annual fee of about $300-$500. On the other hand, holistic local SEO campaigns, this involves an overall management of internal website elements and optimizing the external factors. These campaigns might go as high as $900 to $2000 a month. Small scale local campaigns range between $400 to $800 and aim to increase visibility of website by focusing on multiple channels.

How To Rank Your Local Business in Google Local Listing

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The local SEO is just as important as any other SEO. First important thing is you must know that the local SEO is very much different from the normal SEO. It is very imperative that your business ranks higher even in the Google Local Packs. The ranking usually depends on the niche of your business, the competition you have and most importantly where your business is located. We will discuss about a strategy that is foolproof so that your business site ranks high on the Google’s Listing of My Business. However, it is important to first know what Local Listing exactly is.

What Is It?

If you make a search on Google, you will obtain results that show the name of the business, its address, the contact number, location and the website. These results are altogether referred to as the Google Local packs. These listings will require a Google My Business Page that is verified in order to score a rank on Google pages.

Google My Business- What Is It?

It is nothing but a tool or a service that is free provided by Google for all the websites to mentor their presence as well as existence online in search results of Google and also on the maps.

Factors You Need To Focus On To Rank Yourself Higher

  • You must own a website and have assurance that your business address is appropriately listed

Firstly, you must make sure that you have a verified as well as a claimed My Business Page of Google. You may either have the verification done over phone calls or you would probably receive a letter from Google so that the verification is done. Google decides which of the either it is going to be. If you have your business verified, you certainly will get higher credibility.

  • Your business must be suitably categorized

If you wish to rank your business higher on the Local Listing of Google, you must clearly define the kind of business you run. To exemplify, if you are a florist in your locality and desire to rank yourself higher among the same category, you will have to update your niche in the My Business Page of Google. Most of the times, people who turn businesses will not have themselves listed in a proper category and as a result fail in making their business visible on the Local listings. You need to ensure that you properly describe the keywords that are on your page of description of business in Google My Business page. It will also be easy for Google to land upon your site for a particular keyword of search. You also will have to include your location on the Meta descriptions which is on the site.

  • Reviews received from Google profiles that are active

You must certainly have nice reviews for your site if there is a desire of ranking higher in Local Packs. The usual sources are citations wherein your business us discussed over the web on websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, SuperPages and others. You will have to qualify in these citations as they provide your credibility as well as authority for the website you own. It is important that you have good bonding among the clients. Though sometimes reviews are not always positive, it is always worth it!

10 Common SEO Myths Every Marketer Should Know

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A lot of information is around regarding the SEO, Search Engine Optimization. But how would you know if it’s all true? Here’s a list of the ten most common myths that surround SEO!

1) More links mean more success

Though link building is important when it is about SEO, it is the content which is the king. Having number of links won’t help anymore if you lack content. The quality of links is more important than the number of links.

2) Social Media wouldn’t help

It is true that Google doesn’t go into Analytics of Twitter or Facebook for rankings of a site. Nonetheless, a strong social media presence is really vital for SEO these days. It can help your visitors as well as search engines land upon your business online. It will help Google find your site online and also takes your content to a larger audience.

3) Mobile site doesn’t matter for SEO

This can be a disastrous thought in present time. It must be your first priority to make your site friendly to mobiles. Mobiles are being used extensively to access internet and you are going to find your audience more on phones. Make your site mobile friendly.

4) Once SEO is done, there is no need to bother again

SEO is constantly undergoing changes and just because you have optimized your site once somewhere in the past doesn’t mean it is still effective. Make sure you keep updating your SEO practices. Google always changes the algorithms in order to give the best service of search engine possible. Ensure you keep up with them!

5.) Tricks to outsmart search engines

There is no secret method or a trick that will outsmart the search engine and rank your site higher in the results page. You must solely focus on generating content of quality.

6) Nofollow links are worthless

Isn’t it odd to have a site with 1000 inbound links with no Nofollow links? Google will definitely suspect this. Nofollow links are equally important.

7) Bounce rates of Google Analytics make a difference

Business owners freak out when there is high bounce rates for their page. However, the truth remains that bounce rates don’t affect your rankings in any way.

8) A spin off micro site will help

This strategy is outdated. Having microsites to generate inbound links from one site to another is of no use anymore. Google will easily figure out all those sites are owned by a single business.

9) Stuffing keywords help

Stacking lots of keywords in your content won’t be doing any Hood. Keyword density used to have an impact but not anymore. Trends have changed. It isn’t really effective anymore.

10) Google doesn’t like SEO

Google surely hates Black Hat SEO that is manipulative but it isn’t the same with all the SEOs. In fact, Google also provides tips to find best SEO practitioners. It will also give you information of how you can report a SEO company if at all they deceive you.

Why Should You Care About Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines?

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If you aren’t completely aware of what the article headline is trying to say, we must inform you that Google has released a full version of its Search Quality Rating Guidelines for the year 2015 in PDF format – a first for Google.

Google never has been so open about the guidelines in the past!

Earlier, Google had contacted people who had put up the link of previous versions of the guidelines and had asked them to remove those links in order to keep them away from the eyes of public. That brings us to the question of why Google has decided to put up the link now. Well, the answer is simple. It was already leaked. Many blog posts have put up these links open to the public and it is difficult even for Google, to remove them.

Moreover, there might be a person who works in Google who realized it was foolishness not to release the guidelines. Why would they teach their raters about the aspects that would result in a quality page, and not tell people making their pages?

What are the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines?

These guidelines are nothing, but confidential and proprietary written guidelines which Google provides to those it hires to verify the quality of a webpage.

Honestly speaking, there are not any secret recipes or tricks in the guidelines. But why such hype?

Here is why: It is always best advisable to act in such a manner that produces benefits in the long run in search visibility for your students and clients. Hence, though the guidelines aren’t really a compelling read, you could take suggestions from it to improvise.

Do you want to get noticed by Google and the searchers? Go where they are going!

Do not make an attempt to tamper with Google’s algorithm and reverse engineer it. Instead, observe where Google is headed. Google has always been driving towards the goal of favoring those sites which offer something that pleases the audience who land on any site that is displayed in their search results. This is a general motive, as there are many useless search results too. Hence, the guidelines of quality rating are vital as they let us know what Google exactly looks for. After this happens, it is easy for Google to refine the technique used to reward websites which give them what is sought by them.

Hence, if you need to configure your websites in such a manner which will be beneficial for upcoming years, understand the quality rating guidelines and impact on the company’s mindset which created them.

A good decision by Google

Sharing the quality rating guidelines with the people is a good decision that Google has come up with. This is also a sportive comeback, giving it back to those who illegally tried to leak the guidelines. Well done!

You can download the full version, courtesy of Google, over here.


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Is SEO a Good Investment For Your Business?

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This might come out as a surprise for you, but actually, Search Engine Optimization or SEO isn’t at all a good deal of investment to promote your business. As a digital marketing company it is not easy for us to admit that because we offer SEO services.

For few businesses, SEO is not quite a good choice when compared to other marketing strategies. Nonetheless, SEO could prove to be highly beneficial for most of the businesses by generating greater sales and leads. So the next question would be how you will know if the SEO is actually good investment for your business.

  • The demand factor

For SEO to work, you must have enough potential customers who look online for the services or products you offer. If there are less or no audience at all, who would be searching for it, there is no point even if you rank high in the list. There would be no one to look at your site. And thus, there is no need for SEO. Don’t forget SEO is all about engaging online customers – if your customers don’t exist online, what’s the use?

  • The competition

When we talk about competition here, we are not pointing at the businesses that are similar to yours and competing with you. When we say competitors, we are particularly talking about the “SEO competition.”

Your competition in the SEO is with all those businesses who are already trying to rank higher in the keywords that match yours. If you have to rank higher in the Google’s search list, you have to outrun all of those businesses to make it to the top. Hence, the second step is to decide the strengths of your competition. If they are potentially unbeatable when it comes to ranking high, it is better you don’t choose SEO. However, if the competition is not too strong, you can always go for it!

  • The number factor

You must know that the target of SEO is not to obtain high ranks in Google. The mission is to effectively create sales and leads, so that it turns out to be a prospective investment. This implies numbers play a prominent role. The numbers may differ for various businesses. However, the procedure is quite similar. You must ensure that you can efficiently make more money than you are planning to invest in the SEO.

So, what exactly are the numbers we are talking of?

  • The number of searches your target keywords
  • Estimated click-through rate
  • Estimated conversion rate from visitor to customer
  • Total revenue per customer

Here is an example my Mainstreet ROI:

  1. 2,000 searches per month
  2. 30% click-through rate (assuming you’re ranked #1 according to this research.)
  3. 2% conversion rate from visitor to customer
  4. $500 revenue per customer

“To calculate your estimated revenue from SEO simply multiply all 4 of the numbers above to get $6,000.  Next, compare your estimated revenue to how much you need to invest in your SEO to determine if the numbers make sense.”

The three factors to consider will help you determine if you really have to pick up SEO for promoting the business you are running. Think over carefully about all the tiny aspects that matter, and then only come to the conclusion.


Will the Latest Google Core Ranking Algorithm Update Help My Site?

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After series of updates for Panda Algorithm, Google confirmed an update of their core ranking algorithm earlier this year.  And just a few weeks ago, webmasters were seeing changes in rankings due to the core ranking algorithm update.

This article covers a brief update of the latest core algorithm update and whether the latest Google Core Ranking Algorithm Update help your site in improving search engine rankings.

Core Algorithm Update by Google

Google has updated its core Algorithm on January 12th this year and website owners have already started experiencing the change in their website rankings. Initially there was confusion whether it is due to a new Panda Update or due to the change in the Core Ranking Algorithm Updates.

But after Google confirmed the modifications in their Core Algorithm Updates and addition of Panda in calculating their Core Algorithm, the confusion got cleared. Webmasters who were waiting for the latest update of Panda were first in confusion that there was a Panda Update which was expected this month.

Later after Google confirmed its core Algorithm update and addition of Panda to its rankings, webmasters now understand the importance of Panda getting into the core Algorithm updates.

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Best Tips on Building a WordPress Website with SEO

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In this post, we will be talking about the most efficient, easiest and the most useful tips in creating a WordPress website with SEO.

WordPress is a versatile and easy to use platform. It is already search engine enhanced, however, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as CMS or search engine friendly website.

Eventhough WordPress is a search engine optimized platform, the SEO or Search Engine Optimization work needs to be done to make it more efficient and obtain the best results. We can always choose to switch to WordPress, but this is not an automatic guarantee that our website will move to the top of the search engine results. We need to take help from the SEO guide to make our website’s position in the search engines better.

It sometimes becomes hard for the business owners and the entrepreneurs who have a very little technical knowledge or information about the SEO, to differentiate between ‘search engine friendly’ and search engine optimized’ process. The business also tends to spend a lot of money in the CMS as they believe it to be inclusive of all their SEO needs.

However, WordPress provides a practical platform to start your website. You can incorporate the most effective marketing materials in your website if you are using WordPress and that too with a very little expenditure of cash. This is possible only if you have the skills to manage and get to know the features of WordPress, however, you can learn all of these very easily by studying about it.

Installing an SEO Plug-in is merely the starting point, most of the time, you’ll still need help from a search engine optimization consultant or SEO consultant. To, be precise SEO is a procedure which remains constant, it will be your task to incorporate it with the materials you want to initiate in your promotion.

There is no such thing as a WordPress plug-in that includes all the SEO components.

Search comprehension, understanding of the procedures to enhance the SEO process step by step in your promotion should be the major concern. The SEO professional must be careful to save you from some costly errors which might occur during the process. The professional must be there for you for a long time, whether an employee or a consultant from an agency, he/she must be able to help you in executing the best strategies to get the best results.

You might feel the need of adding some fast- moving pictures in your website. However, flashing submissions are a big no as they can induce convulsions. But again, if you need to add something that quickly flashes on the screen, please make sure that you also give the reader an option to stop it and replay it as many times the user wants to.

These are some quick tips that would help you build a good WordPress website.


Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

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Keyword research is a basic activity that is necessary for an effective SEO. Finding the right keywords that are relevant to your content can bring in huge amounts of traffic. The right keywords will optimize your website and search engine results will show your site whenever someone uses those keywords as search terms.But finding the right keywords is not an arbitrary task. It requires a deep understanding of the SEO and the current market trends.

It involves discovering, analyzing and deployment of the right keywords.Proper effort and time must be spent on researching to find the most suitable keywords. But many people seem to forget the importance of Keyword research and end up choosing unfruitful keywords. Learn about the importance of keywords and never make the same mistake again.

Beat your competitors

Keyword research must become an essential part of your SEO. Your competitors are also doing SEO. If you lag behind, you will be at a disadvantage. By using keyword research, you can make sure your SEO efforts are not going vain. It gives assurance on your correctness of your keyword.

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Advantages of using Google Adwords

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Google AdWords campaign is a pay per click (PPC) ad campaign. It lets businesses drive profit by displaying their ads on relevant Google search results and web pages. When people click on your ads, they will be redirected to your website. Thus Google ads increase your website traffic and charge you for every ad click. Some of the advantages of using Google AdWords are listed down.

Cost savings and improved performance

  • Google AdWords requires a small initial investment. You can create your own AdWords account by paying a small amount. Your payment is billed only for the clicks made. Hence, you will not suffer any loss if you take the necessary actions properly.
  • Google AdWords lets you define your budget and work within the budget. You can monitor your expenses and reduce overspending. You can bid on any keyword you chose. The bid amount will vary depending upon the popularity of the keyword. You can track the performance of each keyword and avoid bidding on less productive keywords. Thus, your ad costs stay in your control. Google does not have any minimum payment. You can choose how much you want to spend.

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